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The best Minecraft Servers

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Minecraft servers make the world go round. Or, at least, the worlds of Minecraft. It’s no secret that the PC community houses the most ambitious players in the world. There’s no better evidence of this than in the expansive servers of Minecraft. The architectural artist’s paradise, Minecraft has been a great creative outlet for players who can build to their heart’s content, all without needing to know a single line of code.

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Best minecraft servers

Their works and ideas are immortalised in thousands of servers. Every server is its own self-contained multiplayer world, with its own rules, gameplay style, and communities. We’ve had a hunt around to find the very best, featuring anything from breathtaking constructions and vistas to worlds with whole new rules and game modes.

How to join Minecraft servers

Joining a Minecraft server is wonderfully easy, but here’s a quick walkthrough to help you out if you’re new to all this multiplayer lark:

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PUBG: Best Guns to Use for Survival and Eliminations

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In this article, Gamocial reveals what they believe are the best weapons in PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds. This covers everything from snipers to pistols and more. This information is helpful to new players that aren't too familiar with the guns available in PUBG.

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The Best PSN Mid-Year Sale Deals Going on Right Now

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Grab a bargain.

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Best Samsung Galaxy J3 Deals: The best Galaxy J3 pay monthly contracts in June 2017

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Bargains galore!


Beko HII64500FHT - Review

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This induction hob delivers power and features aplenty

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Best Gaming Monitors: The finest 144Hz, G-Sync and FreeSync screens for gamers

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A new cheap favourite

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Best waterproof cameras 2017: Find your perfect summer holiday compact

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The best compacts for travelling

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Pre-order Escape from Tarkov and you can play in July's beta

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Here's a bunch of other if you're itching for something new.

Battlestate Games’ Escape from Tarkov is a realistic take on the typical FPS/MMO, and it’s heading into Closed Beta this July. If you want to get your hands on it to test it out, you’ll need to have already preordered the game or plan to do so in the future. 

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The Best 4K TVs for Gaming

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With the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X coming, it's time to upgrade to 4K. Here are the best 4K TVs for gaming.


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