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Cute Panda Dentist Care

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Thumbnail464x348" /> Ever wanted to be a dentist? Do you think you can do a better job than your local dentist? Now is your chance. Become a dentist of this Cute little Panda themed dentist game. Take care of her mouth health, and make to shiny her teeth.

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My Little Riding Champion announced for consoles and PC

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Neil writes "... and now for something a little different! Ever wanted to take your horse riding interests to the virtual world? My Little Riding Champion will no doubt sort you out."

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Project Cars 2 Hands-On Preview Do You Even Game Bro?

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How is Project Cars 2 shaping up ahead of its September release?

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Minerva’s Den is the best way to experience BioShock’s iconic Rapture

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No introduction to the beautiful but shattered undersea metropolis of Rapture will ever be as memorable as the first glimpse provided by the original BioShock. As Jack, players find themselves amid the wreckage of a downed airliner, presumably far out to sea. We spy a lighthouse-like building, and on further investigation discover that it houses a bathysphere station.

From there it’s down - beneath the surface, to the seafloor, and Rapture. “All good things of this Earth flow into the city,” reads an illuminated message upon our automated entry, seconds before hope and salvation turns to desperation and panic.

Want more? Minerva's Den lead designer Steve Gaynor told us .

Minerva&'s Den

Rapture is a place that the BioShock series keeps flowing back to. A confluence of steadily-decaying art deco design, and protesting bulkheads leaking from their rust-crusted seams. Even when Infinite moved thematically from Objectivism and Orwell to American exceptionalism and the Occupy movement - and physically from ocean currents to sun-kissed clouds - its DLC couldn’t stay away from diving beneath the waves once more. Whatever the story unfolding in any particular BioShock, it’s always got Rapture at its core.

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Constructor Review - GamerKnights

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Gamerknights has done a full review of the new strategy game "Constructor". More: "Even in 1997, Constructor was pretty unusual in not offering any missions or a structured campaign. Instead, there are a number of different scenarios and win conditions available, which can be played on a number of difficulty settings across any of the potential maps. The game was always pretty complex, mixing the city building elements of SimCity with criminal elements of the original Mafia, whilst also giving you very detailed controls over the individual elements of the lives of the inhabitants of your developments. Thankfully a new tutorial has been added, which takes a pretty astonishing 40 minutes to play through (and even then it doesnt cover every single gameplay element)."

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Awaken The Flood in Halo Wars 2's new expansion, coming September 26

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Ever since Halo Wars 2 launched with only a UNSC campaign, players have been eager to have a go as antagonists The Banished, and to see any sign of The Flood - one of the franchise’s most destructive forces. At E3, developers 343 and Creative Assembly revealed plans to grant both wishes in a new expansion, Awakening the Nightmare, which has just got a release date: September 26.

Check out our list of the for more violence at scale.

The date , along with 4K support for Halo Wars 2, HDR for both it and the new expansion, a multiplayer Spectator Mode, and Arena functionality so you can compete in Xbox Live tournaments.

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Highway Blossoms Developer Returns with Same As It Ever Was

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Hardcore Gamer: Same As It Ever Was follows a couple, Kaitlyn and Dean, whose relationship is on the rocks. Things only get worse for them in the strangest way possible. Kaitlyn gets bitten by a strange creature and as a result grows a tentacle. Things can only get weirder from there.

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