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The silly stories behind Fallout's biggest icons

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Vault Boy. Power armour. The overseer. Deathclaws. There are some elements of Fallout so intrinsic to the series that it is easy to forget they were ever invented. Perhaps they never were. It may be that we all came from the vaults and the Fallout games are simply a myth we keep telling ourselves. A reminder of a painful history we cannot bear to remember yet must not forget.


Vault Boy

Only, sorry, no: the other week I spoke to a bunch of friendly, middle-aged RPG developers who claimed they had made the first Fallout. Here are the decision-making processes by which they settled on some of Fallout’s most iconic symbols.

Vault Boy

Fallout Vault Boy

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The 100 greatest video game quotes – Part 2

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Last week saw a few memories rekindled when lines from Grand Theft Auto V, Bioshock and Fallout 3. Memories of perfect one-liners, memorable lines and just sheer genius condensed into words. Here’s part 2 then, which keeps that word-train rolling on. In no particular order of course. And ou can take that to the bank. The blood bank.


Fallout 4 VR and Doom VFR Preview - Finally, Some Real VR Games To Play [Wccftech]

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Bethesda is finally entering the VR space, giving gamers some real titles to look forward to. Wccftech got a close look at Fallout 4 VR Doom VFR during a recent press event.


Ep. 112 3 Guys, 1 Arm | The Gamerscore Whores Podcast

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This weeks stories: Oculus Rift founder Palmer Luckey wants to make VR porn a reality, LG files a patient for a VR display that eliminates screen-dooring, Sonic Forces gets a price cut before the release date, A £100 HDMI cable actually worth buying, HTC bundling Fallout 4 VR with the Vive, Sony announce a new version of the PSVR, Samsung debuts the HMD Odyssey which is way better than the Vive, Halo goes VR, Plus the games weve all been playing Plus the EGX 2017 podcast that was recorded in a car!


Fallout New Vegas Developer Confirms Game Was Held Back By Consoles

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What might have been...

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A vault full of features for Fallout's 20th anniversary

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We spent a week celebrating the original Fallout's 20th anniversary. Along the way we learned that Fallout 1 . Here is a roundup of our anniversary coverage, from Fallout to Fallout 5. Just click the pictures and enjoy!


Fallout anniversary

How did Fallout 1 ever get made?


How Fallout 2's wild wasteland came to define a series

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Fallout 4: All 111 vaults explored

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Vaults! When the nukes dropped on the Fallout universe, humanity slithered into hundreds of these life-sustaining, radiation-proof vaults, unaware that the sinister corporation charged with building the things had a hidden agenda. Vault-Tec used these underground bunkers to carry out bizarre sociological experiments on their unwitting residents, playing them off against one another in sick power games or pumping their air supply full of psychoactive compounds.

has got literal oodles of previously unknown vaults to discover and explore. And would you know it, I just happen to have an exhaustive list of the contents of each one. How did I come across this exclusive dossier? Well, between you and me, let's just say I made them all up in a regrettable afternoon's work, realising too late that I hadn't the patience or ability to get to 111, nor the modicum of shame required to consider not posting the thing as it is.

Right, here you go. Sorry.

Fallout 4

Vault 1: Just spiders, a vault filled shin-deep with spiders. Anybody who complains about or mentions that there are spiders everywhere or remarks that it's impossible to eat cereal without also shovelling spoonfuls of writhing spiders into your mouth is immediately banished from the vault.

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Fan purchases Fallout 3 and 4 just so he can complain about how they ruined the series

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No game series inspires its fans quite like Fallout does, and it is amazing the lengths that some wasteland wanderers will go to show their love. But nobody is more dedicated than local man Tyler Miles when it comes to fandom.

Falllout 4

This veteran Fallout fanatic amazed onlookers at his local game store by not only purchasing Fallout 3 "even though it looks like it will suck," but also by coming back years later to purchase Fallout 4, even though "the last one sucked."

Wow! Even the local game store staff, who see hundreds of hardcore gamers every day, agree that Miles is in a league of his own when it comes to loving Fallout.

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Chris Avellone knows you’re watching him

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Update, October 6: BREAKING - Chris Avellone has changed his Facebook profile picture again.

Welcome back, dear readers, to PCGamesN, your premier news source for Chris Avellone’s Facebook profile pictures. Now Chris wants you to know he knows that you’re watching him.

For more Fallout goodness, check out our week long 20th anniversary celebration, starting with an explainer on how .


His new is a the figure and Vault Boy slowly coming to realize they’re being watched. Relevant? Maybe not. Hilarious? Yes, absolutely.

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