Thursday, 17 August 2017
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St Vincent to direct a female-led Picture of Dorian Gray adaptation

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We see a lot of movies getting the gender swapping reboot routine these days. Here is one film reboot where it may just actually make sense.

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Vampire Closet Aza

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Big" /> Help the vampire lady pick a fitting outfit for her next hunt.

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Warframe developer’s The Amazing Eternals blends Hero Shooters with Card Games

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There seems to be two popular, perhaps oversaturated genres at the moment. You can barely switch on your console or load up Steam without being hit in the face with either a new hero shooter, or a new collectible card game. Here's one that's both.

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Prey free trial now available on Steam

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After a lot of waiting, a demo for Prey has finally hit PC. There’s been a console demo since April, but prospective PC players were told to get a refund on Steam if they didn’t like it after two hours. Not a great solution! Regardless, it’s no longer a problem, and you can download the demo now.

Like filling things with bullets? Here are the .

prey demo

Rather than a conventional demo, this is a free trial, so if you like what you see after an hour, you can buy the game and continue your progress instead of replaying the opening moments. This is now the case with the console demo now, too. 

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Diablo 3 patch 2.6.1 makes big changes to Necromancers

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Diablo 3’s 2.6.1 patch is working its magic in the PTR at the moment, and Blizzard have released the , revealing a slew of balance changes, buffs and class ability redesigns.

Looking for more dungeon romps? Here are the .

Diablo 3 patch

Included in the redesign is the Crusader rune, Limitless, which now increases the damage of Blessed Hammer to 640% weapon damage as Holy and increases its area of effect by 20 yards. Meanwhile, the Barbarian Bloodlust effect now deals damage equal to 20% of your recent Critical Hits to enemies within 20 yards every 1 second.

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Origin 'Player Appreciation Sale' kicks off with 80% discounts

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Water is wet, the sky is blue, and somewhere there’s a sale on PC games. Today, EA kicked off another Origin sale, discounting the likes of Dragon Age: Inquisition and The Sims 4, with some games shedding 80% off their price. This ‘Player Appreciation Sale’ will run until August 25.

Free is better than cheap. Here are the .

Origin Sale

Here are a few highlights:

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The Amazing Eternals is the next game from the people behind Warframe

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Back in May 2017, Warfame developer Digital Extremes announced its next game, codenamed Keystone. It's now revealed the final title, The Amazing Eternals and released gameplay footage.

The video below shows off The Amazing Eternals, which is a free-to-play competitive shooter fused with collectible card game elements. It's drenched in a 1970s retro-pulp art style with an eclectic collection of heroes to play as. During a match you use a deck of cards to trigger powers, weapons and buffs.

To me The Amazing Eternals looks a bit like Blizzard's Overwatch but with some cards on-screen. Here are some screenshots:


The Skaven are in Total War: Warhammer 2, because obviously they are

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To literally no-one's surprise, the are in Total War: Warhammer II. The arrival of the vile ratmen is heralded by a brand new trailer, which you can watch above. Check out a Hell Pit Abomination stomping on a Black Dragon - you deserve it.

Here's .

The Verminous Tide are the fourth playable race in the sequel, but in a rather neat twist that may or may not be intentional, they're the thirteenth playable race to be announced for the franchise overall. Someone ring a bell.

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Destiny 2 is now on

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Update August 16, 2017: Destiny 2 has been added to Blizzard's platform.

In advance of the PC open beta - which kicks off in less than two weeks - Destiny 2 has been added to the .

Here’s all the .

Here it is, sitting alone in the brand new 'Activision' section:

In other , a trailer for the PC beta just dropped:

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Football Manager 2018: 5 Young Players To Potentially Sign

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Football Manager 2018 will provide another opportunity for armchair managers to nurture the youth of today into the stars of tomorrow. Here are 5 worth considering.

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