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Daily Deals: $99 Blue Yeti Mic with Free Game

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Plus awesome Play Arts Kai Metal Gear Solid figure for $63, Wonder Woman on digital video, and more.


Left Alive: release date, trailers, gameplay, setting, Wanzers - everything we know

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With Hideo Kojima off making his game about Norman Reedus cradling dolls in the abyss, and Konami busy working on the zombie-addled Metal Gear Survive, it is up to someone else to carry the torch forward for tactical, espionage, action gaming.

Enter Square Enix’s freshly announced Left Alive, a survival action shooter set in a bleak, future dystopia where a war is raging and giant mecha are doing the bulk of the fighting. It is also set in the universe of the Front Mission series so those mecha should technically be called Wanzers. Better still, the development team for Left Alive includes veteran names from series like Metal Gear, Armored Core, Ghost in the Shell, and Mobile Suit Gundam - Left Alive is in good hands.

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left alive release date trailers gameplay

But what exactly is Left Alive? We have scoured the internet for every available detail in order to give you the fullest answer possible.

Left Alive release date

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The Virtual Life Trauma And The Futility Of Revenge In Metal Gear Solid V

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Associate editor Javy Gwaltney takes a look at Metal Gear Solid V's unique take on vengeance.


Modern stealth games give players too much power

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Stealth games have gone through a noticeable shift over the past few years. A shift from evasion to confrontation. To the point where many popular series in the genre now make stealth just one option, rather than the only way to beat a mission. It does make some sense. Stealth games have always been a niche. They demand patience, careful observation, and the gratification they provide is often invisible to the outsider (no, not ). Stealth games are often at their most satisfying when nothing is happening. How do you market that?

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Hitman never shied away from its violent components, with an arsenal that has only expanded with each game in the series, a leaning that peaked with the action-heavy Absolution before the series returned to its more measured roots in its latest guise. The same can be said for Metal Gear Solid, which went from a series with few violent options (and controls too clunky to ever justify using them) to The Phantom Pain, where you are given an arsenal that includes a mech armed with miniguns.

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This $500 Metal Gear Statue is One Epic Collectible

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First 4 Figures highlighted a number of its statues at New York Comic Con 2017, including this $500 Solid Snake.


S-Rank Every Mission in Metal Gear Solid 5

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Metal Gear Solid 5 is free for PlayStation Plus users - find out how to S-Rank every mission in the game with our guide.


Metal Gear Solid Parody Never Stop Sneakin' Is, Erm, Sneakin' To Switch Soon

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Article: Metal Gear Solid Parody Never Stop Sneakin' Is, Erm, Sneakin' To Switch Soon

Farcical espionage action


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