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The best Minecraft Servers

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Minecraft servers make the world go round. Or, at least, the worlds of Minecraft. It’s no secret that the PC community houses the most ambitious players in the world. There’s no better evidence of this than in the expansive servers of Minecraft. The architectural artist’s paradise, Minecraft has been a great creative outlet for players who can build to their heart’s content, all without needing to know a single line of code.

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Best minecraft servers

Their works and ideas are immortalised in thousands of servers. Every server is its own self-contained multiplayer world, with its own rules, gameplay style, and communities. We’ve had a hunt around to find the very best, featuring anything from breathtaking constructions and vistas to worlds with whole new rules and game modes.

How to join Minecraft servers

Joining a Minecraft server is wonderfully easy, but here’s a quick walkthrough to help you out if you’re new to all this multiplayer lark:

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Titanfall 2 patch introduces a new map and gives Pilots three weapon slots

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A big new patch has landed for Titanfall 2, like some massive robot falling from the sky. Just like when you get splatted by a falling robot in-game, this update is completely free, too.

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Titanfall 2 Angel City

The new map is called War Games and takes place in a neon-bathed city simulation. It’s a cool setting for Titanfall 2’s wall-running-and-gunning antics. If you play Live Fire, there’s another smaller map called Traffic on top of that one. 

There are also a bunch of other tweaks and fixes, but the biggest among them is probably a third weapon slot for pilots. That means you can have a main weapon, an anti-Titan weapon, and a sidearm. 

Here are the patch notes: 

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WRC 7 Hands-On Preview Rallycross Greatness I The Koalition

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Tatjana Vejnovic of The Koalition writes: There are many different types of petrolheads your straight up car lovers, your muscle car fanatics, the JDM crowd, and the rally folk, just to name a few. Rallycross is a popular style of racing which occurs on a closed, multi-terrain circuit. Usually, rallycross is done with cars which have AWD (all-wheel drive) such as the Mitsubishi Evolutions, Subaru Imprezas, and Ford Escorts. Two people typically occupy a rally vehicle, one driving, and the other giving pace notes, a system that informs the driver of what to expect in terms of terrain intensity and different types of turns.


PlayerUnknown's Battleground's creators want to let us murder Xbox One players

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There aren’t any technical limitations in PUBG that would stop Xbox One and PC players playing together at some point in the future. In fact, it’s something Bluehole want to do, eventually.

For a look at PUBG’s origins, check out our list of the.

PlayerUnknown&'s Battlegrounds

“Cross network play between the PC and the console is definitely something we want to do down the road, and we don’t anticipate we’ll have any technical issues with that,” executive producer Chang Han Kim tells  

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Unicorn Beauty Salon

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Big" /> There are no better ways you could reward your good fellow (that was so faithful and hard-working) than offering a day of special treatment at the unicorn salon. You are going through an interesting process where you will provide the necessary treatment for this special pony. In this animal game not only that you will treat the wounds, but you will take care of his fashion look.

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July Free Xbox Games With Gold Announced

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There are robots, running and robberies coming for Xbox Gold members next month.

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How to overclock: it's easier than you think

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There are myriad ways you can improve the performance of your gaming rig but most of them are going to cost you. Overclocking's the exception to the rule – you can give your PC a tune-up from the comfort of your gaming chair and see real in-game improvement without even having to open your wallet.

Tweaking your GPU’s clockspeed can improve even the .


So, learning the basics of how to overclock your CPU or GPU can boost your frame rates for free, sometimes making the difference between unplayable and playable, but what actually is overclocking?

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The Town of Light Review - GamerKnights

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GamerKnights has done a full review of the bizarre adventue game "The Town Of Light" from italian developer More: "Its often a challenging game to play and not for the reasons most gamers will expect. This isnt a game full of difficult puzzles or strenous combat scenarios, instead it is much more similar to walking sims such as Gone Home or Everybodys gone to the Rapture. Instead its challenge comes from its overwhelmingly ominous tone and upsetting subject matter. Through animated cutscenes we see plenty of examples of institutionalized abuse of the young patients by looming, threatening figures torture in all but name. There are puzzles dotted around the facility but they never present much challenge and instead serve simply to break up the rather relentless story. Theyre serviceable but ultimately throwaway, but Im not sure a more challenging game would have been a good thing. RKA know what theyre trying to achieve and, for better or worse, achieve it. W...


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