Thursday, 29 June 2017
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Classic Mini SNES pre-orders live at Toys ‘R’ Us and

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Fans may yet have a chance to get hold of the Classic Mini SNES for its original price, as major UK retailers open their order books.

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ROCCAT is to reward players involved in the worlds first kill of KilJaeden.

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Today, Blizzard has opened the latest raid instance in the popular MMO-phenomenon World of Warcraft, Tomb of Sargeras in Mythic difficulty level. Furthermore, ROCCAT is to reward players involved in the worlds first kill of KilJaeden.


FanCon 2018 dates announced for late April

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Situated in a cosy wing of the Cape Town International Convention Center, FanCon played host to the likes of Top Cow big cheese Tom Hawkins, legendary comic book writer Ron Marz, John “Chew” Layman and Eric “Hillbilly” Powell. It built on a tremendous first outing that kicked off in 2016, growing even larger in 2017. FanCon grows even bigger this year, as the dates for the 2018 show have been announced: April 28-29.

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Overwatch This episode 37: Summer Games and Doomfist approach, plus the League is scouting

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Like a surprise attack from an invisible Sombra, a new episode of Overwatch This has appeared, packed once again with news from the week that was. Doomfist is on the cards yet again, but will this be the final tease?

Just what can we ?

OWT 37

Doomfist and the return of Summer Games have been hinted at in , so it seems sensible to predict that they could be on the way sooner or later. 

Elsewhere Jeff and Geoff of the Overwatch team have been giving , including divulging what kind of jams Torb like to listen to on his iPod.  

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The race is on to beat WoW's Tomb of Sargeras raid

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Those who have been following the most recent World of Warcraft expansion, Legion, will know the community's been particularly watching the progression race this time around. That's the unofficial competition between the world’s best players to be the first guild or group to clear a new raid once it is released.

Tomb of Sargeras’ Mythic version - the hardest the game has to offer and the one on which all pride is put - was released today, kicking off this race for the fourth time in the expansion.

Read more about in our interview with some of the top guilds just before the last raid opened.

Tomb of Sargeras mythic progress race

It's something of a two-horse competition this time round, as many of the top competitors from the Nighthold - including one of the guilds we interviewed in the link above - have given up on hardcore progress raiding. Method and Exorsus, who have three of the four world firsts this expansion so far, are front runners and likely to take the crown.

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Fishing Love

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Big" /> What a sunny day! For their third date, Tony promised his girlfriend Monica to go fishing on the seaside. Monica is so excited and she wants you to help her dress up by choosing hair style, clothes and other accessories. You bet Tony will be blown away when he see how gorgeous Monica is.

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Hot Toys is finally releasing the Hulkbuster Iron Man after more than a two year wait

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Back in 2014, Hot Toys revealed the grand kahuna of Iron Man figures: Veronica. Tony Stark’s insurance policy against the Hulk that popped up in Avengers: Age of Ultron, the Hulkbuster has been in development for more than two years now. And Hot Toys is finally ready to release it.

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The Town of Light Review - GamerKnights

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GamerKnights has done a full review of the bizarre adventue game "The Town Of Light" from italian developer More: "Its often a challenging game to play and not for the reasons most gamers will expect. This isnt a game full of difficult puzzles or strenous combat scenarios, instead it is much more similar to walking sims such as Gone Home or Everybodys gone to the Rapture. Instead its challenge comes from its overwhelmingly ominous tone and upsetting subject matter. Through animated cutscenes we see plenty of examples of institutionalized abuse of the young patients by looming, threatening figures torture in all but name. There are puzzles dotted around the facility but they never present much challenge and instead serve simply to break up the rather relentless story. Theyre serviceable but ultimately throwaway, but Im not sure a more challenging game would have been a good thing. RKA know what theyre trying to achieve and, for better or worse, achieve it. W...


Town Driver

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Big" /> The hardest part of driving and learning how to drive is mastering how to park without scratching or denting your new car. Town Driver allow you to drive around the parking lot simulating new life skills required for a car safety in the correct spot. Will you be able to park all the cars without leaving a scratch?

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